What to Consider Before Buying a Scissor Lift for your Warehouse

As you are planning to expand your warehouse, it is more than likely that you will have to increase the number of shelves. Consequently, the height of your shelves will have to increase. Irrespective of the stacking method you chose for your pallets, your order pickers will need scissor lifts to reach high shelves. However, to get value for money on the scissor lift, it is critical for you to choose one that meets all your warehouse requires. The following pointers will help in this regard.

Folded Height -- Knowing the folded height of each scissor lift is imperative before making a purchase. You want a piece of equipment that will go through the warehouse door easily without the need for renovations. Notable, scissor lifts are built for different purposes; hence, they will have varying folded heights. For example, a construction scissor lift has a higher folded height compared to a building maintenance one.

Therefore, make sure that you opt for a scissor lift whose folded height will not cause a problem every time you want to take it in or out of your warehouse.

Safety Features You will Need 

Scissor lifts need safety features since they are used at great heights. Some lifts come with already installed safety features while others require being accessorised with the same. In particular, you need to consider the height of your warehouse shelves. For instance, if you have high-sitting shelves, you should go for lifts that have safety features already installed. 

On the other hand, if the pallets are not stacked very high up on shelves, you could buy safety kits separately. Additionally, while some scissor lifts require toe-guards, others do not, and the same can be said regarding anti-slip safety features. Obviously, the most important thing is to understand the safety features you would require before making any purchase.

The Weight of Loads 

Just like any other lifting machine, scissor lifts have varying carrying capacities. If you purchase a scissor lift capable of handling 700kgs then you submit it to weights of over 1 ton, you are putting your picking staff at risk. You must never make such a mistake. To understand the carrying capacity you need, take stock of the average weight of loads stored in your warehouse. The figure will give you an idea of the type of scissor lift to purchase. 

Always err on the side of caution when thinking about loads, and don't go with the lift that can just barely handle what you think you'll need on average.

Look into scissor lift hire before purchasing your own scissor lift as it will give you a chance to try out a lift to see if it works for your needs.