Minimising Maintenance On Electric Vibrating Motors

Having to arrange frequent repairs of electric vibrating motors can be inconvenient and expensive, especially if you depend on your motors in the daily running of your home or business. The good news is that there are a number of ways you can reduce the maintenance required to your electric vibrating motors and ensure they offer the highest level of performance. 

Do Routine Inspections

Many minor problems can go unnoticed until they turn into larger, more expensive problems. By maintaining a regular inspection cycle you can stay on top of these minor issues and take the necessary action to prevent them becoming more serious. Keep records of any issues and repairs so that you can spot breakdown patterns more easily. 

Inspect Your Electric Vibrating Motors For Corrosion And Dirt

Corrosion and dirt can play havoc with electric vibrating motors and can seriously hamper their performance. Inspecting and cleaning your electric vibrating motors regularly will help to keep these contaminants to a minimum and keep everything working as it should. Every month or so, brush, blow, vacuum, and wipe dirt from the air passages and frame of your motor. This will ensure the motor does not run too hot or become blocked. If there are any serious cases of corrosion, you may need to arrange for professional repair. 

Check Lubrication Levels

Lubricant is one of the most important considerations when looking after your electric vibrating motors. If your motor has suddenly started running too hot or has become very noisy, it could be due for some lubrication. Just be careful not to apply too much as excessive oil and grease can attract dirt. 

Listen For Abnormal Noises

Problems can often be detected by the ear alone. If you have grown accustomed to the usual sound of your electric vibrating motors you will no doubt notice the minute a new noise starts to sound. This sound could range from a scraping sound to a banging sound emanating from deep inside the equipment. Any abnormal noise coming from your motor will usually signify a problem somewhere, and so it is worth getting this checked as soon as possible and before the problem has a chance to get any worse. 

Buying good quality electric vibrating motors will ensure you invest in equipment that you can depend on. Combine this with a good maintenance schedule and your equipment should give you many years of dependable service. 

For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at VSS - Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia).