Benefits of Subterranean Residential Car Lifts

The idea of a residential subterranean car lift is becoming an increasingly sought after luxury item for car owners. They incorporate the idea of keeping up with the latest technology and keeping the items you have paid the most for--and work the hardest for--secure. The issue may be that you have considered one, but do not see the benefit for you or your living environment. Here are a few of the benefits of having a subterranean residential car lift that you should consider for your lifestyle.

Climate Control

You may think that your current garage situation meets most climate control standards. The truth is, climate control may still be an issue. Seals around garage doors, the opening and closing of these doors throughout a day, and other contributing factors may create an unstable climate environment for your vehicle. This can lead to rust and even mildew within the interior of your car.

A subterranean residential car lift can be placed in a airtight and climate controlled environment. Once your car is in the lift and placed underground it is no longer effected by opening and closing of the above ground garage door or other climate affecting tasks that may occur in and around the garage itself.

Burglary and Theft

When you think about car theft, you may think about when your car is out of the home. The truth is, cars can be tracked and stolen from inside the home as well. Traditional garage doors make it easy for thefts to happen. Even when they are connected to a security system, the system may be able to be bypassed and the car stolen. A subterranean residential car lift hides your car and keeps it secure. For example, if there is a home invasion, your car is concealed and safe. It is not visible and therefore not a target for theft.

Double Parking

In some cases, the luxury car may be for pleasure only. This usually leaves another car that is used for work and daily driving. The problem is that some homes may not have a double car garage, leaving the second car parked outside of the garage or constant changes in car parking. A subterranean residential car lift allows you to keep the luxury car hidden away and safe while the daily use car can be placed in the garage instead of the driveway. This cuts down on storage fees if you have considered storing the luxury car off site and makes accessing the daily car easier during bad or harsh weather.

These are only a few of the benefits to having a subterranean residential car lift installed in your garage. If you think you are ready for this project, contact a car lift representative. They can help with pricing, consultations, and project plans. They can also help answer any questions you may have about your specific issues or requirements.