Hands On: The Advantages Of Choosing TPV Santoprene To Craft Grips And Handles For Your Tools

If you own and/or operate a tool manufacturing business, you will be all too aware of the importance of choosing the right materials for the job, and everything from a simple hammer or chisel to a high-end power drill must be made from the right materials to properly endure the beating it will take during the line of duty. This extends to the most simple components of your tools, and even the handles and grips buyers will use to hold and operate your tools should be chosen carefully.

One of the most practical and versatile choices for tool handle and grip materials is thermoplastic vulcanisate, commonly known as TPV or TPV Santoprene. This remarkable man-made material combines the properties of tough, practical thermoplastics with versatile vulcanised rubbers, and is particularly well suited to making tool handles and grips. Here are just some of the advantages of using this unique material for your tool handles:


TPV has durability and longevity comparable to that of the toughest thermoplastics, such as uPVC, and can be expected to serve for many years without cracking, crumbling or degrading. Unlike many thermoplastics, TPV is also very resistant to perishing caused by UV sunlight and constant exposure to moisture, so TPV is especially well suited for the handles and grips of larger outdoor tools (such as pneumatic drills) that can be difficult to store in completely sheltered areas.


Despite its strength and durability, TPV is not particularly dense, making it light and easy to handle. This property is very useful for reducing the overall weight of your tools, another property that makes it ideal for larger man-portable tools. This lightness can also be used when manufacturing the handles and grips of swung tools (such as sledgehammers and hatches), where an excessively heavy handle can alter the weight distribution of the tool and make it more difficult to swing safely.

Soft to the touch

One of the most distinctive qualities of TPV Santoprene is that it can be manufactured to feature a specialised 'soft-touch' surface. This soft-touch texture is often found on the grips of writing pens, computer mice and other devices designed for fine manipulation, and provides excellent grip and traction in both bare and gloved hands without irritating the skin or provoking excessive sweat. As you can imagine, these soft-touch surfaces can be ideal for a wide variety of hand tools, increasing user comfort during long periods of tool usage and preventing dangerous fumbles, especially in damp conditions.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike many comparable plastic and rubber varieties, TPV can be fully recycled with the correct recycling facilities. This makes your tools more environmentally friendly and reduces the overall carbon footprint your manufacturing concern creates. It can also decrease the costs (both environmental and economical) or disposing of unwanted or defective tool overstock.

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