3 Ways to Use Industrial Perspex in DIY Home Projects

DIY home projects, especially those that help to improve the home, are becoming increasingly popular. The twist on the latest projects is the way they use industrial materials, like perspex, to create items that make the home better. Perspex, which can also be referred to as acrylic sheet, can have several uses in DIY projects. Here are three of those uses to give you an idea of the projects available to you.

Create a Greenhouse

One of the easiest ways to use perspex in a DIY project is to create a small greenhouse. This greenhouse can be slightly above ground level or be a fully developed greenhouse for colder months. The perspex can help to draw in the heat and keep it in to help the plants sustain the heat they need during the growth process. You may choose to go with several long sheets of perspex to create the greenhouse. Other options would be shorter pieces that can be attached by hinges and open  or shut as needed to tend to the plants in the greenhouse.

Floating Shelves

One decorating project that can add appeal to a room is the use of floating shelves. These can become expensive, and may not have the appeal you want if a darker heavier wood is used in a room with lighter textures and furnishings. This makes the use of perspex ideal. It offers a clear option that can fit with most light decor. It also gives the added feeling of a floating shelf by offering no color to stop your eye flow around the room. Ideally, the perspex can be used with the same anchoring perspex material to give a seamless look to the shelves.

Outdoor Furnishings

One DIY project that most people may not think of when they use perspex are outdoor furnishings. You can use the perspex to create tabletops, seating, or even an outdoor storage pieces. You can combine perspex with other acrylic or PVC materials as well as with metals and wood to give a finished product that fits with your outdoor decor options. You can also do the same with indoor furniture projects and perspex as well.

These are only three of the projects you can make using industrial grade perspex. If you are ready to get started, contact your local manufacturer. They can offer sizes to fit your needs, help with specific orders, or offer you options from their discarded materials.