4 Top Tips When Opting For Turnkey Solar Installation Solutions

Solar energy is renewable, clean and globally efficient compared to other power sources like fossil fuels. If you are a small organization and planning to go the solar way, you have to find a provider who is experienced in solar system installation. Buying solar panels and sourcing for an installer can be a cheap alternative, but the option ignores the fact that solar power installation requires much more than connecting panels. You also have to deal with mounting and racking of components that influence the output of the solar system. With turnkey solutions, you get the benefit of a seamless process at an affordable rate. Here are some top tips when opting for the turnkey solar installation process.

Location Survey -- For a solar energy project to be successful, site location is critical. No amount of mathematical calculations can beat actual site survey. A survey will determine if your area is viable for solar energy. Experts will also assess orientation of your roof to maximize the amount of solar insolation. Buying a complete solar kit does not give you such an advantage. 

Engineering Design -- Various factors, including height, angle, weather elements, and roof structure must be considered before installing a solar power system. The solar turnkey solution providers must ensure that a building is strong enough to withstand solar panels and mountings for decades while enduring harsh weather conditions.

Installation -- A lot of things can go wrong while installing a solar system irrespective of whether it is large or small. Therefore, your organization must choose a solution provider that will avail trained and certified solar installers who have the right equipment for the job. Furthermore, some solar installation might require installers to possess certification in electrical cabling. In this sense, your turnkey solar solution provider must have competent staff to complete the solar project. The best part about turnkey solutions is that in case of any damages to the panels or components, a dealer will replace them accordingly at their cost.

Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance -- Solar modules start to depreciate over a period regarding efficiency due to wear and tear of components. Turnkey solution dealers monitor the effectiveness of solar systems by replacing or maintaining inefficient parts. The providers can also offer routine maintenance such as cleaning. Maintenance ensures that you incur marginal costs while keeping your staff away from harm, for example, potential falls when working on solar panels at heights.