Concrete Construction: Three Essential Tips for Forming Columns

If you are planning on constructing a concrete building on your property, you might need to install a concrete column as part of the structure. Columns can have structural and aesthetic purposes, depending on their design. In simple terms, a reinforced concrete column will be used to support compressive loads in a building. Also, the column can have unique visual elements which will enhance the beauty of the structure. Regardless of the purpose, it is important to ensure that your columns are formed correctly. Here are some essential tips to help you achieve ideal results when forming concrete columns.

Create a Stable Base

You should set up a strong base for the formation of a resilient concrete column. The foundation will ensure the stability and the longevity of the structural element. Ideally, you should excavate the ground to a suitable depth, depending on the purpose and weight of the potential column. Then, you should create a slab to act as the foundation. A pure concrete slab might not have sufficient strength for support in high demand applications. Therefore, you should consult your concrete contractor on the best reinforcing measures for optimal performance. Also, you should remember that concrete is porous, and the infiltration of moisture can have negative effects on the pillar. You should install builder's film below the slap for protection.

Choose the Right Mix

You should choose the correct concrete mix for your column construction project. In general, there are numerous types of concrete mixes on the market for building diverse structures. If you select an incorrect product, you will not achieve the desired results. Under ideal circumstances, you can create concrete mixtures from scratch using cement, sand, aggregate and water. This solution is inexpensive for large-scale application. However, if you want a column with special performance properties such as high compressive strength, you should opt for pre-mixed factory products for the best outcome. Such speciality mixtures are designed by experienced technicians. So, they will perform exceptionally when prepared as instructed.

Purchase Forming Tubes

Finally, you should choose the right forming tubes for your concrete structure. Forming tube products such as Formatubes are designed to allow for pouring of the mixture into the desired shape. The tubing is formed using materials such as cardboard and is often used with a waterproof, plastic liner. It can be used for forming columns above and below the ground with minimal bracing and at minimal costs. When purchasing your tube, you should be keen on the best diameter and length for your applications.