4 Useful Tips to Remember When Installing Street Furniture

You can get maximum value from the street furniture that you have bought by giving sufficient thought to the installation of that furniture. This article discusses some helpful tips that can help you to install the street furniture in a way that will be appreciated by the users of that space.

Avoid Clutter

Avoid scattering the street furniture all over the space where you want to install it. Place the different items of furniture in groups so that the space doesn't look crowded or poorly planned. For example, you can place 5-10 park benches close to each other before leaving 50-100feet of space without any furniture. This arrangement will preserve the spaciousness of the outdoor area where you have installed the furniture.

Address Different Needs

It is also wise to think about what the different people who will be using that outdoor space want. For example, some people may wish to sit in a closely knit group. However, some people may prefer to sit alone. Install the street furniture in a way that will make it possible for those different user interests to be met. For instance, vary the number of seats that you place in the different clusters so that different numbers of people can sit close to each other during a discussion. Install solo seats for those who wish to be alone. Spread these out so that the feeling of solitude isn't compromised for those who are so inclined.

Encourage Movement 

The street furniture should also be installed in a way that encourages physical activity, such as walking. An example of this principle in action is the careful selection of where to place a drinking fountain. Put it dozens of feet away from the chairs or benches so that anyone who wants to use that fountain has to stand up and walk for a few minutes to get to it.

Site Layout Is Key

Let the lay of the land guide you when you are installing the street furniture. For example, place two benches or a row of seats facing each other in case there is a walking area that passes through the place where you want the seats to be. Remember to leave ample room for those using that path/walkway.

Take your time as you plan how to position the different pieces of street furniture that you have acquired. Only then will you implement all the tips above in an installation project that will combine functionality with aesthetics.