Three Critical Tips for Preserving Your Industrial PVC Swing Doors

PVC swing doors are suitable for interior installation in industrial spaces. In general, these doors are favourable because they are lightweight and easy to operate. If you have a high traffic entrance in your premise, this door will perform better than alternatives such as steel and aluminium. Polyvinyl chloride is also beneficial because it is not susceptible to corrosion and chemical deterioration. Therefore, you can expect long-term performance after the placement of the structure. In addition, PVC swing doors are inexpensive. If you are interested in these doors for your industrial uses, you should use the below tips to ensure that your new PVC swing doors perform as expected.

Avoid Operational Damage

PVC swing doors can withstand the stress of constant opening and closing. However, the structure of the door is quite light in comparison to alternatives made from metal. If the doors are exposed to constant impact and general mechanical stress, they will wear away quickly. Therefore, you should encourage your workers to operate these doors with care. Ideally, you should ensure that the area around the swinging doors is clear. If the structure keeps hitting an obstruction every time it opens, the PVC will begin breaking down. You should also avoid exerting force on the doors using equipment such as carts. Also, you should not force the door open if it is stuck. Instead, inspect and repair to avoid undue strain.

Lubricate the Hinges

One of the primary benefits of PVC swing doors is the ease of operation. In simple terms, the door is light and designed to open by swinging. Therefore, minimal force is required to keep the structure performing at optimal capacity. Unfortunately, the functionality of the door can be compromised by the deterioration of the hinges. The hinges can begin rusting or corroding because of the adverse industrial atmosphere. As a result, the movement of the door will degrade. The friction in the hinges will accelerate component wear, and the door will be susceptible to sticking. You should avoid these problems by lubricating the hinges regularly.

Clean, but Be Cautious

Finally, you should exercise caution when washing your industrial PVC swing doors. Good cleaning practices will ensure that the appearance of the structure is preserved. On the other hand, poor handling of the structure could cause irreversible damage such as abrasion and clouding. Ideally, you should use gentle soaps with water for washing to avoid damaging the finish on your doors. Also, you should ensure that no abrasive sponges or scourers are used for scrubbing.