3 Reasons Why Trench Rammers Should Be Your Equipment of Choice When It Comes To Compaction Projects

Compaction is required in most construction projects, from simple pavements to large highways and anything in between. Whether it's a large- or small-scale project, it's crucial to have the right tools. A trench rammer should be your equipment of choice for compaction projects despite many other options available in the industry. 

If you must decide between several pieces of compaction equipment for your project, here are three reasons why you should select a trench rammer.

It Works Well With Cohesive Soil

Most construction sites feature cohesive or fine-grained soil. A trench rammer works excellently in this type of soil. Its operation is much faster and doesn't require multiple re-treading of the same location compared to other compaction equipment. Its thickly concentrated plate achieves deeper compactions into the soil to prevent any future budging. 

A trench rammer should be your equipment of choice when working on conventional residential projects. However, this equipment is still suitable for large-scale commercial projects involving vast quantities of sand — it'll just take you more time.

It Can Fit Into Smaller Spaces

While it takes more time to complete a project, most conventional compaction tools available on the market can still allow you to compact extensive areas and still achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, not all of them will fit in the smallest spaces that require compaction.

A trench rammer will, however, solve this problem quickly. For instance, performing repairs on existing structures can benefit a lot from this equipment since it can fit into any narrow spaces. It's more efficient than standard industrial compactors that can't be downsized and, thus, are only applicable to larger construction spaces. 

It's Much Easier to Learn 

It's imperative to have the required equipment and tools for any construction work. However, if you don't have the skill to operate them properly, they become useless in the long run. To achieve excellent results, you must understand how to handle the machinery you'll be using during compaction. 

Compared to most advanced compaction equipment in the industry, a trench rammer is simple to get the hang of and move around. With a little help and guidance from the manufacturer's manuals, you won't take long to learn how to use this equipment. As a result, it is a perfect option for beginners, as well as seasoned contractors.


Besides these three, there are many other benefits of using a trench rammer for compaction projects not covered in this post. Consider this tool for your upcoming projects and reap the maximum benefits it has to offer.