Fibre Laser Cutting: The Ideal Solution to Your Metal Cutting Applications

Laser cutting is an effective process in the manufacturing industry that allows for cutting, marking, shaping and engraving different materials. Many industries use laser cutting, including the automotive industry, mould making and tool industries, the jewellery industry, ceramic and silicone manufacturing and medical device manufacturing. The process offers high-level precision. However, the technology used makes all the difference. Fibre laser cutting is one of the standard laser cutting technologies worth considering. It's best suited for metal applications because of its high-power continuous laser. But there's more to this, so read on to find out.


Laser cutting machines can be pretty expensive, and the low price is among fibre lasers' most valuable benefits. You will enjoy significant cost savings with fibre laser cutters compared to their counterparts both up-front and in the long run. Standard laser cutters usually rely on optical mirrors to control the beam needed for cutting. These mirrors can be pretty costly, which tends to drive up their up-front costs. On the other hand, fibre laser cutters use less expensive fibre optic cables.

Fibre laser cutters' monetary savings also come from their high energy efficiency and low-level maintenance. The machines require less power or energy to produce the laser beam. They also have a lower heat output than their counterparts, owing to their built-in modern cooling systems. The absence of mirrors and resonators on fibre laser cutters eliminates the need for regular calibration and replacement. Other laser cutting technologies, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) laser cutting, tend to accumulate impurities that call for routine cleaning. Fibre laser cutters offer minimal maintenance compared to their counterparts.

Superior Performance

Fibre laser cutters have the edge over their counterparts regarding performance in many ways. First, they have faster cutting speeds, resulting in a quicker task completion rate while consuming less power. Fibre laser cutters also have a higher beam quality level because of their smaller cutting lines, allowing them to achieve significantly high precision levels.

Zero Heat Damage

Fibre laser cutters provide extremely powerful lasers, which is why they are best suited for strong materials such as metals. Generally, powerful beams tend to produce a significant amount of heat. However, you don't have to worry about the laser damaging the surrounding materials of the product you are working on because fibre laser cutters have excellent cooling systems and low heat output. This property coupled with high precision is ideal for applications in industries like electronics.