4 Reasons to Powder Coat Industrial Machines Rather Than Paint Them

If your industrial machines are losing their protective coatings, then you might have decided to refinish them. While you can use specialist paints for this job, you can also powder coat some pieces. What are the advantages of using powder coating on your machines?

1. Get a Quicker Finish

You won't necessarily be able to repaint a machine that quickly. You might have to apply multiple coats and wait for each coat to dry before you apply the next. You also have to spend time making sure that you get even coverage without leaving drips and splashes that mar surfaces.

The longer it takes you to repaint a machine, the longer the machine is out of commission. You won't be able to use the machine until the job is done. This could affect your productivity and ability to complete jobs fast.

Powder coating is typically quicker to apply. You generally only need one coat and you won't have to worry about drips and splashes. Once the powder cures, you're good to go again.

2. Create Tougher Surface Protection

Even multiple coats of paint might not protect your machine's surfaces permanently. Paint is easy to scratch; it also wears down if it comes into contact with friction. Environmental conditions, such as sun and cold weather can also degrade a paint's ability to hold its surface tension.

Powder coatings are more robust. They are harder to damage and tend to stick to surfaces more effectively. As long as you pick the right coating, you can create a protective surface that can handle most environmental conditions.

3. Reduce Long-Term Costs

While the initial costs of powder coating are usually higher than painting, you're more likely to see long-term savings. For example, powder coatings last longer than paints, so you won't need to refinish your machines as quickly in the future. You can also reuse excess powder which cuts your material costs.

You also protect your machines more effectively. If a powder coating lasts longer without getting damaged, then the surfaces under the coating stay protected for longer. This also saves you money —you'll have fewer repair and breakdown costs.

4. Get a Better Environmental Solution

Paint isn't the best environmental solution. If you use paints that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), then you aren't doing your bit for the environment. These compounds release environmentally harmful pollutants like ozone. Powder coatings don't contain VOCs; they give you a greener solution.

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